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Telegram chat and channel!

Friends, the project was launched in test mode. Thank you for finding bugs and flaws. Every day you make us better! Within a month, the official start of the game will take place and the counter of the days of the project will be reset.
Now we have created a Telegram channel and game chat.

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05.09.2023 17:53

Bitcoin Minero launch. Technical discovery!

Friends, today 25.08.2023 we are launching a unique BitcoinMinero project. The project of the economic game has been completely redesigned and is designed for long-term development. With us you can have fun and accurately increase your profits.
Tell your friends about the project and get a referral bonus! In the coming days, we will connect Dogecoin, Payeer and other wallets for withdrawals. We will also open our Telegram channel for everyone.
Friends, the project is in technical mode!If you find a bug or inaccuracy in the translation, report it to support and get a reward!

24.08.2023 22:02